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As anyone who has ever written, well, probably just about anything, will tell you, though writing is often a solitary adventure, it is never truly done alone. Many people have contributed to this work, but here’s a short list of those to whom I owe the most. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks to:

…Jesus, for your calling, equipping, provision, and enduring faithfulness.

…my wife and children, for your constant love, encouragement, support, and for making my every single day a blessing.

…Jeff McGann, for your patience and for being Reader Number One. If not for you, I would never have finished this novel. I’m looking forward to seeing yours in print.

…David Mooring, for your advice and encouragement, and for being the brother I didn’t have.

…Richard Dansky, for your long-suffering guidance and genuine friendship, and for giving me a place to practice and grow as a writer.

…Christopher Stout, for your patient instruction, the 80s montage-worthy training sequences, and the Gumby t-shirt.

…Ed and Cindy Bagwell, for your unfailing support and generosity, and for letting me remain part of the family even after I quit my lucrative programming job to become a writer.

…Mom and Dad, for your innumerable sacrifices and constant love.

…Marc Gascoigne, Lee Harris, Mike Underwood, Darren Turpin, and all the Robot Overlords for taking a chance on me and helping this work become more than just a really big text file on my laptop.

Назад: Epilogue
Дальше: About the Author