Книга: Learning Concurrency in Python
Назад: Example
Дальше: Enumerating all threads

Breaking it down

In the preceding code, we define a simple function called myChildThread. This will be the target of the thread object that we shall create for demonstration purposes. Within this function, we simply print out the current thread and then the main thread.

We then go on to create a thread object, and then start and join this newly created thread. In the output, you should see something like this:

    $ python3.6 15_mainThread.py
Child Thread Starting
Current Thread ----------
<Thread(Thread-1, started 123145387503616)>
Main Thread -------------
<_MainThread(MainThread, started 140735793988544)>
Child Thread Ending

As you can see, our program prints out first our child thread object, and then goes on to print out the reference of our MainThread object.

Назад: Example
Дальше: Enumerating all threads

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