Книга: Learning Concurrency in Python
Назад: Process execution sequence
Дальше: Critical sections

The solution

Now onto the important part--how do we solve the preceding problem so that we no longer live in fear of losing our bonuses in the future? In this relatively simple example, the answer would be to wrap the code that first reads the account balance, and execute any necessary transactions in a lock, which we'll go into more detail on later in this chapter.

By wrapping the code that performs the read of the account balance and the update in a lock, we ensure that Process A would first have to acquire the lock in order to both read and update our account balance, and likewise, for Process B. This would turn our non-deterministic program deterministic and free of our initial race condition. But by turning it into a deterministic program, we are, essentially, converting this section of code into a single-threaded, serial section of code that could impact performance if we were to have multiple threads.

Назад: Process execution sequence
Дальше: Critical sections

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