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Тема 6. Пассивный залог

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. America… long ago.

has been discovered


was discovered

had been discovered

2. Many new shops… this year.

being built

were built

have been built

had been built

3. The third item… when we heard the bell.

was only discussed

had only been discussed

is only been discussing

has only been discussed

4. When …?

will this problem be solved

this problem solved

has this problem been solved

this problem has been solved

5. We got lost in the forest because we… the way.

hasn’t been shown

hadn’t been shown

weren’t shown

aren’t shown

6. The little dog… with interest by the people.

were watched

was watched

had been watched

has been watched

7. I… my son’s homework before he… me to do it.

was checked up, was asked

had been checked up, asked

checked up, was asked

had checked up, asked

8. This clock… long ago.


was made

have made

were made

9. All the articles… by the end of the week.

will be written

will have been written

would be written

is written

10. My wife wondered why the key ….


had been hidden

is hidden

will be hidden

11. This house… a century ago.

is built

had been built

was built

has been built

12. When …?

has been this museum built

was this museum built

has this museum been built

this museum has been built

13. The article… yet.

was written


has been written

had been written

14. Whom… into English by?

this book translated

was this book translated

had been this book translated

has this book translated

15. The article ….

already written

has already been written

has been already written

had already been written

16. That problem… when the chief came in.

was discussed

had discussed

was being discussed


17. Many business-centers… in this city lately.

are built

were built

had been built

have been built

18. When …?

is written this book

was this book written

had been this book written

has this book been written

19. We… to his party.

have invited

were invited

was invited

had been invited

20. English… in England.

has been spoken

is spoken

was spoken

had been spoken

21. This coat… in Spain.


was made

will be made

has been made

22. The text-book… printed now.

was still being

still has been being

is still being

has been still being

23. The road… by the earthquake.

has ruined


have been ruined

was ruined

24. Her husband’s car… last night.

is stolen

was stolen

has been stolen

had been stolen

25. The article… sent.

just had been

just has been

has just been

just was

Тема 7. Условные предложения

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. My son… to the party if he… invited.

won’t go, had not been

won’t go, is not

won’t go, will not be

wouldn’t go, not

2. If I… a lot of money, I… a house in Spain.

have, would buy

had, will buy

had, would buy

will have, buy

3. They… the party in the country-house if the weather ….

will have, was sunny

will have, is sunny

had, would sunny

had had, would sunny

4. What… if my friend… tomorrow?

would we do, came

will we do, come

would we do, had come

will we do, will come

5. If she… hard at her German, she ….

would work, would succeed

would work, succeed

worked, would succeed

will work, succeed

6. If we… free yesterday, we… to see her.

are, would have come

had been, would have come

had been, had come

were, would come

7. If they… the train, they… at home now.

hadn’t missed, would be

didn’t miss, would be

didn’t miss, would have been

wouldn’t missed, were

8. If this man… so rude, he… so.

is not, won’t say

were not, wouldn’t have said

will not be, didn’t said

had not been, wouldn’t say

9. If the manager… the work yet, the employees… it now.

had done, could have discussed

had done, could discuss

did, could discuss

would have done, could discuss

10. If you… French before, you… a good job in Paris last year.

had learned, could find

had learned, could have found

would learn, could have found

learned, could have found

11. If it… possible, I… my best.

would be, did

had been, would do

were, would do 1

’d have been, would do

12. If I… you, I… to Spain this summer.

were, would go

am, will go

’d be, would go

had been, would go

13. If I… in your place, I… the best friend.

’d be, helped

were, would help

had been, would help

am, will help

14. If it… tomorrow, we… to the country.

’ll not so cold, will go

cold, will go

’d not so cold, would go

weren’t so cold, would go

15. If I… a lot, I… a house in Spain long ago.

earned, would buy

will earn, buy

earned, would have bought

will earn, will buy

16. If we… rich, … all over the world.

became, we’ll travel

became, we’d have traveled

became, we’d travel

’ll become, travel

17. If my husband… time, he… with us.

will have, goes

has, will go

would have, goes

will have, had gone

18. Ask Fred to ring me up if he ….


had come


will come

19. If I… Mike, I… to him about your problem.

will see, will speak

had seen, will speak

saw, will speak

see, will speak

20. If I… a lot of money, I… a country-house last year.

get, buy

had got, would have bought

had got, will have bought

would have, would buy

21. If we… a car, … the plane.

didn’t take, we’ll miss

wouldn’t take, missed

wouldn’t have taken, had missed

don’t take, we will miss

22. I… happy if you… to see me.

will be, come

would be, will come

would be, will have come

would have been, will come

23. If Nick… her, he… her everything.

will see, will tell

see, will tell

see, will have told

had seen, I will have told

24. What… if she… him say that?

will his mother think, heard

would his mother think, heard

did his mother think, will heard

would his mother have thought, heard

25. If the tourists …now, they… at the hotel on time.

will start off, come

started off, come

start off, will come

had started off, would come

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