Книга: Общий курс английского языка. Часть 2 (В2 – С1)
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Тема 2. Группа времен Continuous

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We… TV now.

are not watching

2. Why… your homework?

aren’t you doing

3. … or writing?

Is he reading

4. What …?

are you singing

5. Какое предложение построено верно?

Are you eating?

6. Bess… at the window.

was not sitting

7. My sister said that he… a composition.

was writing

8. The students said that they… their text-books.

were reading

9. Alex said that they… TV the day before.

had not watched

10. She asked us what ….

we were reading

11. Father wondered why… homework?

Ann wasn’t doing her

12. She asked if… or translating.

he was reading

13. She wondered if ….

I was sleeping

14. She said that her husband… in a foreign company.

had not worked

15. Fred… that Ann was not slipping.


16. Paul… that he… on the phone.

said, was speaking

17. I… the piano in the evening.

will play

18. She… yet when we… back.

will not be sleeping, come

19. What… by 9 pm tonight?

will he have done

20. They… when Fred comes.

will be having supper

21. What… when your sons arrive?

will you be doing

22. My brother… TV from 6 till 7 pm tonight.

won’t be watching

23. I ….

am not sitting

24. I ….

am reading

25. We… his articles.

are reading

Тема 3. Группа времен Perfect Continuous

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Tom… the book since three o’clock.

has been reading

2. What… here since early morning? – He… for my examination.

has he been doing, has been preparing

3. I… a lot of English texts lately.

have read

4. She… German in 2000.

began teaching

5. Ann ….

has already come

6. … at this enterprise since 2003?

Has she been working

7. How long… for us?

have you been waiting

8. The employee said that he… German in 1997.

had begun learning

9. The chief asked the employee since when… at the company?

he had been working

10. The chief asks how long… at this company?

she has been working

11. The pupil says that… a lot of English books lately.

they have read

12. Ann said that her husband ….

had already come

13. Mother asked them… since early morning? They answered that they… for the examination.

what they had been doing there, had been preparing

14. My sister explained that she… the book since five o’clock.

had been reading

15. Fred asked if… for his sister?

we were waiting

16. He… the translation.

has just finished

17. Next week they… here.

will not work

18. By the end of next month they… here for two years.

will have been working

19. By the 15-th of May Mary… her new book.

will have written

20. Before these sportsmen… to the competition, the coach… them for 6 months.

go, will have been training

21. When the conference …, we… here yet.

starts, will have come

22. Before Fred… for the UK we… at the project for 10 days.

leaves, will have been working

23. By the time they… home, he… cards with friends since the very morning.

get, will have been playing

24. By the end of this month she… as a teacher for 15 years.

will have been working

25. Since when… at this enterprise?

have you been working

Тема 4. Группа времен Future in the Past

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We decided that we… to Paris on holidays.

would go

2. The guy knew his aunt… him any money.

would not lend

3. I was sure that after midnight they all ….

would sleep

4. His teacher was almost sure the student… all the exams.

would pass

5. I was sure that Kate… by the time I ….

would have come, arrived

6. The employee says that he… on business next week.

will go away

7. Our teacher is almost sure we… our exams.

will pass

8. The guide has said that he… at 7 o’clock.

will come back

9. I thought the manager… everything by our arrival, but I… wrong.

would have prepared, was

10. The student explains that she… German lessons twice a week.

will take

11. The manager knows that the chief… next month.

will return

12. My friend has assured me he… the book by the time I… him to give it back.

would have read, asked

13. He assures me that he… the book by the time I… him to give it back.

will have read, ask

14. Our new friend promised he… to see us when he… in London.

would come, was

15. This employee has just said that he… on business to the USA next summer.

will go

16. The employee said that he… to the USA the next summer.

would go

17. Ann said that she… there the next month.

would go away

18. The chief asked them if they… in that project.

would take part

19. The guy said that by the time his friend… them up they… for two hours.

picked, would have been walking

20. He knew Mary… next Monday.

would be packing

21. The student said he… the text-book by the time the librarian… him to give it back.

would have read, asked

22. The girl said that she… French lessons twice a week.

would take

23. He said that his friend… by 9 o’clock.

would have come

24. We were sure that you… late.

would be

25. We knew that Ann… from her trip the next month.

would return

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