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Упражнение 4

Отредактируйте данную инструкцию на английском языке и письменно переведите полученный материал на русский язык. Перескажите его на английском языке.


I. Packing List:

Humidifier 1 pc.

Warranty Card 1 pc.

Instruction manual 1 copy

II. Technical data:

Product Model: С-701

Standard output capacity of 200—250 ml / hour

Water capacity: 2 liters

Noise level: <15 dB

Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz

Area 70m2 (90m3)

Power consumption: 15 watts

Unit Size: 245 x 288 x 439 mm

Net weight: 1.2 kg

III. Operating principle

In the ultrasonic humidifier using high frequency generator that divides the water into particles with a diameter of about 1—5 microns. The ventilation system blows this mist water in the dry indoor air, where it evaporates and creates the desired humidity. This case, it is clear from both the device is clearly visible even and smooth flow water fog.

IV. Device Features

Highly effective moisturizer.

Low power consumption.

Regulations issued the humidity in the room.

Auto power off when desired humidity set.

Aromatic outside the shortage of water the tank.

A well-developed technique allows user obtain a reliable quality.

What is «relative humidity» (RH)?

Relative humidity is the ratio as a percentage of water vapor content real content of saturated water vapor at the same temperature and volume. Typically, the relative humidity in% RH indicated, for example, 45% relative humidity. Atmospheric air containing water vapor. Their percentage is dependent on weather conditions. The higher the temperature, the water vapor may comprise air. Therefore, the notion «relative humidity».

Winter, when the cold air heating system is heat a comfortable temperature, it reduce the relative percentage content water vapor air, which means a decrease of the relative humidity. In this case, you feel that the air was «dry». To maintain a more comfortable and recovering in the room and help artificially add water or water vapor air gap, to maintain its moisture.

Ideal relative humidity levels different conditions

The relative humidity value more suitable human body: 55—65% relative humidity

Computers and telecommunications equipment: 45—60% RH

Furniture and musical instruments: 45—60% relative humidity

Library (books), art galleries and museums: 45—60% RH

Potted plants and Winter Gardens 55—70% relative humidity

V. The characteristic features the ultrasonic humidifiers «Comfort Life»

Promotes and regulates the relative humidity room.

Eliminates static charges.

Prevents development various respiratory diseases.

To have a beneficial effect on human skin, prevention aging.

Makes cool to room temperature.

Avoid dry floors and furniture.

Ключ к упражнению 2 (пункты 1 – 15)

Мау Gоd bе with уоu. – Да прибудет с тобой Бог!

Finnish реорlе – фины

bаd influеnсе – плохое влияние

phоnе sеllеr – продавец телефонов.

gооd рrоduсts – хорошие продукты.

Wаtсh оut! – Осторожно!

firework show – огненное шоу

Ice cream Banana Boat – банановое мороженое «Лодка»

pineapple juice – ананасовый сок

I knоw his stоrу wеll – Я хорошо знаю его историю.

peper steak – перченный стейк.

Lеt’s hаvе а раrtу. – Давайте устроим вечеринку.

Саn Yоu hеаr mе? – Вы меня слышите?

I will nеvеr givе uр – Я никогда не сдамся.

Оh, dеаr. – О, милый (милая).

Глава 7. Тесты уровня С1 (Advanced)

Тема 1. Конструкция Complex Object (сложное дополнение)

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. I saw my friend… the train.


waiting for

wait for

to wait

2. I saw …, take a letter and read it.

my husband to come in

my husband come in

my husband coming in

come in my husband

3. Ann heard… the guitar.

her to play

her playing

playing her

play her

4. The man felt… with joy.

his heart to beat

his heart beat

beating his heart

beat his heart

5. I saw… the street looking to the left and to the right.

a woman cross

Tom to cross

cross Tom

crossed Tom

6. Fred heard… up-stairs.

his sister to walk

walking his sister

walked his sister

his sister walking

7. Nick felt… with joy.

his heart to beat

his heart beating

beating his heart

beat his heart

8. Those who live in the North Pole do not see… out for months.

the sun to come

the sun came

the sun come

come the sun

9. Ann heard ….

a car to pass

a car passing

a car passed

passing a car

10. The girl felt ….

her hands to tremble

tremble her hands

her hands tremble

trembling her hands

11. The chief expected… the next week.

the work be done

the work to be done

the work being done

to be done the work

12. We all wanted ….

you come as soon like possible

you to come as soon as possible

you to coming as soon so possible

to come you so soon as possible

13. The tourists were watching ….

the sun to rise

the sun rising

rising the sun

rising the sun

14. The boy watched… over the tea-things.

how his sister bending

his sister bending

his sister to bend

bending his sister

15. Fred expected… the 1-st to come.

Ann being

Ann to be

for Ann be

Ann be

16. I didn’t consider… a good specialist.

her to be

that her to be

her be

her being

17. We expected… this matter.

they to discuss

them to discuss

them discussing

they discuss

18. Ann heard ….

someone to call him

someone him call

someone call him

someone him to call

19. Mike noticed… the door and go away.

Fred opening

Fred open

Fred to open

open Fred

20. She has never heard… the guitar.

he to play

him playing

play he

him play

21. Everybody heard… to complete the work on time.

the employee promised

the employee promise

promise the employee

the employee to promise

22. Mike noticed… the door.

her to close

her closed

her closing

closing her

23. He watched… down.

the woman going away

the woman to go away

the woman having gone away

the woman went away

24. The professor heard… in the corridor.

the students walked

the students to walk

walking the students

the students walking

25. She heard… her husband everything about it.

Ann told

Ann to tell

Ann tell

tell Ann

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