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Test 8

1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.
Street Styles
Many people, especially young people, wear things which express their ideas
and feelings about life. If a boy _____ (1) very short, almost shaven hair, have
people expect him _____ (2) right wing politics. But boys with very have
long hair _____ (3) to have left wing politics. A boy who wears a leather think
jacket _____ (4) in bits of metal will probably ride a motorbike. The cover
rules of fashion are not as rigid as they once _____ (5) and today’s be
teenagers _____ (6) any particular trend at all. But teens are very not follow
influenced by _____ (7) and they have a desire to buy more luxurious celebrity
items. Street styles _____ (8) by the big fashion designers. In fact, not create
the fashion designers often use ideas from street fashions. But some
leaders of British fashion have enough ideas of _____ (9) own. One of them they
is Jean Muir, whose designs let her be one of the _____ (10) designers. good
2. Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line.
I have only been once to an art _____ (1). In fact, the Tate in London exhibit
was my _____ (2) to modern art, but although the gallery was introduce
quite interesting, I found the pictures difficult to understand. The _____ (3) paint
in the exhibition were by famous _____ (4) from all over the world. Our art
guide told us about each painting, and I listened carefully to her _____ (5). explain
After she had given us а _____ (6) of а painting by Picasso, 1 asked her describe
what it all _____ (7). She said we should not look for meaning but for _____ (8), mean, please
as the most important thing was to enjoy the shapes and colours.
_____ (9), I found this advice а complete _____ (10). person, reveal
3. Choose the most suitable word for each space.
Whenever we read about the natural world nowadays, it is generally to be _____ (1) dire predictions about its imminent destruction. Some scientists go so _____ (2) as to assert that from now on, the world can no longer be called ‘natural’, insofar as future processes of weather, _____ (3), and all the interactions of plant and animal life will no longer carry on in their time-honoured way, unaffected by _____ (4). There will never be such а thing as ‘natural weather’ again, say such writers, only weather _____ (5) by global warming. It is hard to know whether to believe such _____ (6) of doom, possibly because what they are saying seems too terrible to be _____ (7). There are other equally influential scientists who argue that climate has changed many times over the _____ (8), and that what we are experiencing now may simply be part of an endless cycle of change, rather than а disaster on а global _____ (9). One cannot help wondering whether these attempts to wish the problem away _____ (10) underline the extent to which western industrialised countries are to blame for upsetting the world’s _____ (11). It is not our fault, they seem to be saying, because everything is all right, really! One certain _____ (12) which is chilling in its implications, is that there is no longer anywhere on the earth’s _____ (13), whether in the depths of the oceans or in the polar wastes, which is not _____ (14) by polluted air or _____ (15) with empty cans and bottles. Now we have to come to terms with understanding just what that means, and it is far from easy.


1. a) made b) given c) told d) granted
2. a) much b) often c) really d) far
3. a) change b) atmosphere c) climate d) even
4. a) beings b) man c) people d) humans
5. a) built b) manufactured с) affected d) organised
6. a) prophets b) champions c) warriors d) giants
7. a) stopped b) true c) guessed d) here
8. a) top b) again c) centuries d) world
9. a) sense b) form c) scale d) existence
10. a) simply b) to с) chat d) or
11. a) future b) ecology с) balance d) population
12. a) fact b) must с) fault d) and
13. a) planet b) atmosphere c) anywhere d) surface
14. a) full b) stained c) breathing d) only
15. a) even b) recycled c) littered d) bothered
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