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Test 6

1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.
A Practical Joke Mr and Mrs Parker were having a quiet day at home. Their
18-year-old daughter was away in Wales ___ (1) with a friend. Suddenly stay
the phone ___ (2). A hoarse voice told Mr Parker that his daughter ring
___ (3) and that he had to pay a ransom of $2,000. He was also warned that kidnap
if he ___ (4), he would never see his daughter again. The voice then not pay
gave him instructions about where and when to hand over the money. one
Mr Parker took the ___ (5) train to Wales. He went to the hotel and gave
the briefcase with the money to a woman in a scarf and a raincoat. At 11 p.m.
the same evening, to his great relief, his daughter came back home. She happy
looked ___ (6) than ever and could hardly stop herself from ___ (7) laugh
when she handed him his briefcase with $2,000. It turned out that she decide
and her friend ___ (8) to play a practical joke. The joke ___ (9) but, work
strangely enough, Mr and Mrs Parker ___ (10) it as much as their not enjoy
daughter did!
2. Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line.
How to Learn Vocabulary Students are under enormous pressure to learn
huge amounts of vocabulary but they are rarely given ___ (1) as to how to guide
go about it. They have a ___ (2) to try and learn long lists by tend
heart, but this is hardly the most ___ (3) approach to the problem. efficiency
The golden rule is to do lots of ___ (4) at regular intervals. Secondly, revise
students should concentrate on words with the highest ___ (5), particularly frequent
everyday words which also improve the students’ spoken ___ (6). fluent
They should also take every opportunity to use the words in communication –
there is considerable ___ (7) evidence that learners who like psychology
using the foreign language improve their oral ___ (8) and their perform
overall ___ (9) of the language much more rapidly than acquire
students who are ___ (10) to practise the language in real situations. reluctance
3. Choose the most suitable word for each space.
Keeping fit and staying healthy have become а growing industry. ___ (1) apart from the amount of money spent each year on doctors’ ___ (2) and approved medical treatment, huge sums are now spent on health foods and ___ (3) of various kinds, from vitamin pills to mineral water, not to mention health clubs and keep-fit ___ (4) and videos. We are more concerned than ever, it seems, ___ (5) the water we drink and the air we breathe, and are smoking less, though not yet drinking less alcohol. This does not appear to mean that ___ (6) and sneezes have been banished, or that we can all expect to live to а hundred. To give а personal example, one of my friends, who is а keep-fit ___ (7), а non-smoker and teetotaller, and who is very ___ (8) about what he eats, is at present languishing in bed with а wrist in ___ (9) and а badly sprained ankle. Part of his healthy ___ (10) is to play squash every day after work, and that ___ (11) for the ankle. He also cycles everywhere, and if you have ever tried to cycle through the rushhour traffic with а sprained ankle, you will understand ___ (12) he acquired the broken wrist. For _____ (13), it seems, is not just а matter of а good ___ (14) and plenty of exercise. Too much exercise can be harmful, as many joggers have discovered. Eating the right food can easily become an obsession, as can overworking, which you might have to do so as to be able to afford your ___ (15) of the squash club, your mountain bike, your health food, and а few holidays in peaceful and healthy places.
1. a) Poles b) Far с) Quite d) So
2. a) prescriptions b) surgeries c) hospitals d) payments
3. a) medications b) cures c) drugs d) remedies
4. a) books b) television c) advice d) enthusiasts
5. a) than b) about c) for d) hence
6. a) colds b) coughs c) flu d) fevers
7. a) fanatic b) follower c) fad d) person
8. a) interested b) varied c) detailed d) particular
9. a) crutches b) plaster c) treatment d) danger
10. a) living b) lifetime c) lifestyle d) liveliness
11. a) is b) caters c) depends d) accounts
12. a) how b) that c) whenever d) thus
13. a) fit b) this c) health d) all
14. a) diet b) eating c) menu d) recipe
15. a) share b) visit c) membership d) subscription
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